If you’re a new father and suddenly have a decreased interest in sex, violence and bacon, it’s not just you.

Northwestern University student Lee T. Gettler says in a recent study that just after a new baby arrives in the home, a father’s testosterone decreases. And sure, it’s not just sex, violence and bacon that see changes in frequency. New fathers, who now don’t have to compete with other males for reproduction are now free to let their guard down, so to speak. It might be because the body then focuses on producing Oxytocin and Prolactin, which we had talked about last October.

Gettler’s study, which was conducted on 624 men in the Philippines, found that after their wives had babies, they experienced between 26 and 34%. Would these levels be different in other countries? I guess we’ll have to pay another scientist to figure it out.

Coincidentally, I’ve always made the joke that I’m now “free of my genetic responsibility,” and that’s why after my son was born, I got in more public (verbal) altercations. I’d never got out of my car in a parking lot to yell at someone else through their windshield – until my son was born. I just felt like now that I’m a father, I don’t owe anything to anyone other than my family. So maybe I felt different – I’m more ready to fight now than before because my tolerance for the general public has dropped. Anything standing in the way of me hanging out with my kid is going to be destroyed in grand fashion.

Maybe Gettler needs to test my testosterone.