If you were looking for the crazy wafers, have we (and by “we” I mean someone else) got a story for you.

Curtis and his wife Katie have kids. Long story short, they had three kids, and Katie’s the obsessive type, so she started pumping her breast milk (no pics, sorry) every two hours. Eventually, Curtis and Katie had what could only be referred to as a “s**t-ton” of breast milk. A 22-cubic-foot freezer (pic’d above) s**t-tonsworth. And since Curtis obviously isn’t a forward-thinking New York City chef, Curtis did the only thing he could think of – he went on a breast-milk-only diet.

He was chronicling his dietary adventures, but the site seems to be gone for now.

Check the sauce for more on this story from Gothamist.

And if you want to read more about an industry that us fathers may not know too much about, check out this Wired article about the booming breast milk industry.