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Yoplait: You Think You Get It, But You Don’t
9 years ago

Yoplait: You Think You Get It, But You Don’t

I don’t know how long Yoplait’s commercial for Go-Gurt has been around – not long enough, evidently – to be up on YouTube. The commercial features a put-together-looking dad making lunch for his kid. Signs around the kitchen let dad know to include Go-Gurt in his kid’s lunch. Finally, arrows in the fridge point directly to it, and the dad smiles, grabs a Go-Gurt and hands his lunch to his kid. The kid asks if dad remembered the Go-Gurt and dad pulls a Napoleon Dynamite and says something like “of course…duh.” Then you’re slapped across the face with their tagline: “Dads who get it, get Go-Gurt.”

Oh…do we? Could it be – fathers actually getting a positive representation in a commercial?

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