Being that it’s Saturday night and this story should have gone up yesterday, I’m going to give you the quick-and-dirty:

David Lavau was cruisin-USA down Lake Hughes Road in the Angeles National Forest when – for some reason – he ended up over the side of the cliff. Since the Angeles National Forest is a cellphone dead-zone, Lavau had no way to let people know he was there. So, the guy set up camp. He drank water from a nearby creek, ate bugs and leaves, and more or less roughed-it. For. Six. Days.

Meanwhile, Lavau’s kids hired a detective to find him – and they used cellphone records, debit card purchases and text messages to narrow down the area in which David could be. Then, Lavau’s two daughters and one son, all adults, drove along Lake Hughes Road and looked over the side of ever ravine until they found David, having himself a beetle salad sandwich.

Here’s where things get a little sketchy – next to Lavau’s car was another crashed vehicle with a dead driver – and authorities aren’t sure if that guy’s crash is related.

Let’s just leave it at that.