Hot on the heels of our roasting of Yoplait for their dumbed-down “dad-friendly” commercial, we’ve got another mention for the “bad list” of dad-brands.

If you’ve got any time to relax and take in some television, no doubt you’re going to see some infomercials. So, for some people, they flipped on the tube this last weekend and saw an infomercial for the “Forever Lazy” – a set of pajamas aimed at, well, we don’t know. But it’s not aimed at self-respecting dads.

Okay, sure, you’re going to ask, “but wait, Zach, how could pajamas hate dads?!” Elementary, my dear anonymous internet reader-type person and 12 scraper bots (according to our stats).

Buried in this average, everyday ridiculous infomercial are a couple father-slamming scenes. At 30 seconds, the commercial lists all the things you could be doing in their pajamas – “…you can talk on the phone, enjoy a good book, do homework, or just do nothing at all.” And what do you know, the three diligent ones talking and reading are all women – and the dad is the one getting ready to “do nothing at all.”

Not sold on it yet? How about this – at about 50 seconds into the commercial, a family is shown watching television while dad peacefully sleeps. Okay, that’s fine, it happens. But the voiceover says “so you can watch the big game together, while dad does what he does best” as the father’s knocked-out cold on the couch, hand in his pants. Check it out dudes:

Whoa whoa whoa now, Forever Lazy. Is that what you’re under the impression that dads do? I can name 50 dads that I talk to on a normal basis that don’t have time to nap, let alone sleep through the night. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve taken a nap since my child was born – and what I do best, in my opinion, is work around the clock to support my family, as well as provide the internet with fatherhood news and (hopefully) a couple LOLs. So, I don’t know, tell me if I missed that your product is a magical cloak that invents a couple more hours in the day so I can catch some shut-eye. In that case, sign me up for two – in blue and heather grey please.

Simon Cowell's going to be pissed when he wakes up to an empty house.

Am I going overboard about one line in an admittedly insignificant infomercial? It’s possible. But that’s kind of what we do here – we bring these issues to the front and then start a discussion.

To say it in more productive way: can you imagine if a food processor infomercial said “and you can let mom do what she does best” while they showed a family enjoying lunch while a woman was mopping the kitchen floor? The backlash would be so fierce that the underwater internet lines would snap and whip the crap out of the coastal cities.

And while I’m super disappointed in Forever Lazy pajamas, I’m also a little saddened that when you search Google for “Forever Lazy,” it touts that they’re “adult footed-pajamas” but when you get to the site, you see that the “footies” are actually separate. That actually just makes them your average, garden variety socks. Forever Lazy, I am disappoint. In many ways.