Josh Katzowitz, of Man of the House was thinking about who his kids look up to as role models. When Katzowitz was young, he favored Oakland A’s star Mark McGuire. You know, before the whole shaming of baseball that happened in the last 10 years. Still, Katzowitz has no shortage of people for his son to look up to – athletes, movie stars, blue collar workers. But he didn’t know who his daughter could look up to.

In typical 8BitDad fashion, I’m going to ruin it for you and then send you off to the “sauce” to read it like I didn’t just tell you the ending.

So – Katzowitz realizes that in addition to a couple television personalities like Tina Fey, Katzowitz has some female friends and relatives that are great role models. I think Katzowitz went through something normal for fathers – which is blinders with their daughters. And I’m sure Katzowitz’s better half feels the same way about their son; she probably sees all of the “bad” male role models out there for her son and wonders who he could be looking to. It’s one of those forest-for-the-trees deals with kids of a different gender than you, and that’s totally normal.

Anyway, if I haven’t yapped too much about it, go check out Katzowitz’s write-up. It’s a great little insight into the kinds of things that fathers really do think about when raising daughters.