Don’t shoot the messenger here – but Times of India reports that, as their article is titled, “Older dads father kids with lower IQ’s.” Sorry dudes.

Here’s the non-scientific description: scientists analyzed the prevalence of rare “copy number variations,” or basically, screwed-up DNA, in roughly 3,500 people with intellectual disabilities between 2006 and 2010. And narrowing it down (read the TOI sauce to see how), they found that basically – the age of the father was a determiner in intellectual disability.

The article doesn’t mention a “cut-off” age. So you’re safe for now.

The study appears in the Journal of Medical Genetics.

This isn’t the first time, BTW, that science has said older age is associated with abnormality. According to this New York Times article, there’s been a lot of talk lately about the “Male Biological Clock.” And I suppose that’s a good thing – better to know than to have something catch you off-guard later with the health of your child.