Sean Harrington is a Detroit-area business-owner, and has been married for years. He’s never been arrested. Oh, and he’s also accused of being an unfit parent.

Harrington took his twin boys out for a bike ride around a Detroit-area park in early September, towing them around the riverwalk with his bike trailer. On the way home, Harrington pulled onto the street for a moment to avoid some pedestrians blocking the path.

Harrington was about 50 feet from his home, and now biking the wrong way down a one-way street. That is, until the long arm of the law got to him.

Police gave Harrington a ticket, which surprises Harrington since he was only biking on the street for four car-lengths. But the real surprise came a couple of days later, when Harrington received a letter from the court asking him to appear in November on charges of child endangerment.

If this isn’t an absolute slam-dunk for Harrington, I’m going to eat my own hands. What kind of world do we live in where this kind of “traffic stop” turns into a child endangerment case?