We comb Reddit every now and then for stories we think are awesome and filter it through our highly trained barrel of monkeys. This is one of those stories. You can’t fake or photoshop something heavy as a typewritten letter left for you in 1991 by your father who knew he was going to die of Leukemia. It’s not just the letter that will make you cry at your monitor, it’s the comments in the thread.

“I remember telling him I loved him, giving him a guy-hug and going out to hang out with friends afterwards. I got back late, and my parents were already asleep. Woke up the next morning to my mom screaming and calling 911…he had a heart-attack and died while he was outside warming up the car getting ready to go to work. I had been passed out, and she had been in the shower so we didn’t notice. He had just turned 55.”
“I’m incredibly thankful that I had the chance to hug him and see him the night before. People said that it would be important to remember the conversation we had, and the words we said, but I honestly can’t remember the specifics, just the words “I love you”, and that’s all that matters.”

If you want a good reason to be a better father, carpe diem.