The Cinemablend staff took on an interesting topic – actors that formerly played television fathers that they’d like to see come back and father again. They mention that Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad (formerly Malcom in the Middle) and Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill (formerly Married With Children) are both back on-screen. And with Tim Allen (formerly Home Improvement) coming back for Last Man Standing, we’ve got a good handful of on-screen dads already back.

Check out the sauce to see who Cinemablend chose for their list. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but there’s a heavy dose of awesome with John Goodman and Bob Saget on that list. Though as one of the commenters mentioned, Goodman just played a father on Damages.

Anyone else you’d suggest that Cinemablend missed? I’ve got a special vote in for Alan Thicke to reprise his Growing Pains days.