Huffington Post took a look at a film called “From Fatherless to Fatherhood” on October 4th, and naturally, we said “that’ll be great to post on Sunday night!”

We didn’t really say that, but here we are. And truth be told, we’re actually third-slow on the list: ol’ HuffPo was really referencing CNN, and CNN‘s video was from June. Oops.

“From Fatherless to Fatherhood” is a film from director Kobie Brown, about how the African American community is dealing with father absence. The film interviews people that grew up with and without fathers, taking a look into their lives and talking about what it was like having or not having that paternal impact. The film also takes a look at men that grew up without fathers – but play a prominent, positive role in their kids’ lives – thus breaking the cycle.

For a little more info, check out HuffPo, sauced below.