A 22 year old father-moron in Kentucky took his 18 month old on a seven-hour stroller walk. In addition to that being a bad idea in-and-of itself, the man, Justin Harlow, was high on Opana at the time.

Harlow left the house with his child at 10:30am, and roundabout 5 or 6pm (yeah, with a P), his mom called cops to file a missing person report. Cops found Harlow soon after in a park, looking “very dirty and confused,” according to the police report. Harlow admitted he was high on Opana. The cops also found some of the drug on him, along with a straw and other drug paraphernalia.

Opana is a pain reliever similar to morphine. It was not clear as to if Harlow had or needed a prescription for Opana, but it’s safe to say he probably didn’t.

Harlow was charged with possession of controlled substances, possession of drug paraphernalia and wanton endangerment. Also, he should be charged with being an idiot. We’ve got no other details about Harlow’s family or the mother of his 18 month old, but this baby would probably be in better hands away from this family. Just sayin’.