So there’s two sides to graphic designer Anthony Herrera’s trickery. In case you completely bypassed the title, Star Wars fan Anthony Herrera tricked his daughter into thinking Ewoks are real.

It was actually easier than you think. Herrera took his family on a vacation to the Sequoia National Park and while they were there, told his daughter that Ewoks lived there. He said they’re shy, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any. Naturally, they didn’t see any while on the trip. But of course, Herrera being a Photoshop ninja, when they got back, he Photoshopped Ewoks into their vacation photos and showed his daughter that they in fact were around during their whole vacation.

So, like I said, there’s two sides to this:

1) The fact that this is awesome and I now officially plan on doing something similar when my kid’s old enough.

2) The fact that Herrera lied to his daughter. I’m not so concerned with this, but it seems like the coverage on other sites when this article first dropped got some comments from people saying that lying to your kids is wrong. Of course, other commenters came to the rescue saying that it’s better Ewoks than Santa (or Jesus). So, really, I’m calling the lying issue a non-issue. Us parents lie to kids. Little lies, big lies. Santa, Easter bunny, “fairness” in the world, working hard to achieve “anything” – we’re full of crap we say just because we should. And there’s that little necessary hypocrisy of teaching your kids to not lie while you lie. Again, I’m going to give that one a pass and say not-an-issue, and refer back to #1.

So what do you think? Are “white lies” like this innocent and okay?