Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith, a California same-sex couple, adopted a baby in his birth-state of Louisiana. A registrar in Louisiana named only one of the men on the baby’s (amended) birth certificate, which has gay advocacy groups up in arms over adoption policy when dealing with same-sex marriage. This last Tuesday, the Supreme denied Adar and Smith’s appeal without comment.

The couple argues that there are many practical and legal reasons for listing both Adar and Smith on the birth certificate. Social Security, taxes, inheritance, insurance, school registration, passports, as well as “parents’ and child’s right to make medical decisions for other family members at the necessary moments; determining custody, care, and support of the child in the event of a separation or divorce between the parents,” according to their appeal by Lambda Legal.

The Louisiana registrar that denied both mens’ names on the birth certificate, cited that, according to CNN, “the term ‘adoptive parents’ in the applicable section of state law applies only to married parents, because in Louisiana, only married couples may jointly adopt a child.”

You can read more on this topic at the CNN sauce below.

The baby was adopted in Louisiana in 2006 and the adoption was finalized in New York, where the couple was then-living. Though the birth certificate issue has ended in defeat for Adar and Smith, they do remain joint custodial parents of their now-5-year-old son.

Good luck to Adar and Smith – and all other same-sex couples dealing with similar battles.