This is pretty metal. Hot on the heels of the Led Zeppelin kid, a two-year old loves Iron Maiden so much he’ll cry like a baby to get his dad to slap it on the speakers. Some claim that exposing a toddler to heavy metal music is harmful and can inflict negative thoughts into their subconscious that will emerge later in their teens. If your child seems to favor angry-sounding music as early as 8 months, recommends that you probably should talk to a child psychologist – OR it could just be that your kid is actually gifted.

I dunno, man. I’d rather have my daughter ‘up the irons’ than listen to Justin Beiber.

Ultimately it comes down to parenting and teaching your little one about the world. This father had the good sense to record this, and for that we thank him.

Should young children be exposed to heavy metal at such a young age?