Here’s a link we saw Friday night and thought it’d be a good Sunday post (because we avoid thinking for real on weekends). Cracked has a list up on their site called “5 Parental Dick Moves You Hate Until You’re a Parent.”

Writer John Cheese powers through five things we’ve all done as parents – that we totally hated as kids. And it’s not just stuff like “tell your kids not to lie, while lying your ass off.” The best one that Cheese brings up is his #3 – Punishments Way Too Severe for the Offense. Cheese gives us a pretty honest window into the mind of a parent (for this being Cracked and all), saying “So an out-of-the-blue punishment that seems way out of proportion to the crime is often due to that fear, that we’re not getting through. If it gets to where the kid just factors in the punishments as part of the price of having fun, then we’ve failed.” That’s not your average Cracked article, man. That’s the damned truth. As a parent, you often wonder if you’re getting through to your kid – and really, you’re scared that your kid just won’t have the life tools to succeed.

Another good one is their #1 – Saying, “You’ll Understand when You’re Older” – which we’ve all experienced on both sides of the coin. When you’re a teenager, you have the biggest ego, but the least control over the world. In high school, it was explained to me as “circles of concern and circles of influence.” That is to say that the younger you are, the bigger your circle of concern is, but the smaller your circle of influence is. So in other words, you care about a lot but can’t control a lot. As you get older, those circles even themselves out and you’re concerned with more or less the same amount of stuff that you can actually change.

So, if you want to do a little light reading before our 8BitDad Podcast today (at 5pm PST!), check out the sauce below.