If you’re into advertising trends and seeing how and why marketing firms are spending money, Ad Age is the place to look. So it was only a matter of time before they’d start covering all the dadvertising going around these days. That’s why I was happy to have received a call from Ad Age writer Jack Neff, who wanted me to punctuate the dadvertising topic with him. We talked for a good while and he quoted me in his article. And as of the time this article went up, I was quoted as “Zach Rosenberger” – which as you know, is my, as the French call it, nom de plume. It’s not really, but I suppose it could be.

Anyway, we’d kind of done the dadvertising and Ragú topic to death between our big article and discussing it on our 8BD Podcast #1, so I won’t get back into it. But sick of the topic or not – brands need to take note: if Ad Age is covering the dadvertising topic, then it’s time you address fathers as the viable consumers we are! Pls and thx.