First off, I want to say that just yesterday, I met a guy from by the name of Nick Shell. And boy, what a nice guy. He’s their official father blogger, and if you have the chance, check out “The Dadabase,” which is‘s in-flesh commitment to fathers – one single, solitary father, that is. And a hell of a nice guy. He needs some other good company, and in my opinion, there should be more men blogging for – at least half as many men than women. Seems like if they’ve got 10 bloggers and only two are men and only one’s identified as a father – they’re lagging.

Which brings me to my main complaint:, please stop sending me e-mails that contain graphics and banners like the one above. You may have hosted a dad-blog contest just for funsies, but it’s crap like the above image that lets me know that as a father, I’m still in someone else’s house.

It’s as if knows that because I’m a man, I like to work for things in life. So maybe it was a backhanded compliment, and they just don’t want me to feel like I’m getting a hand-out. Gosh, how did I miss that?!

Also, since the newsletter is clearly not intended for me, I’m unsubscribing from it, and I’d encourage other fathers to do so until their wording is adjusted to celebrate both parents’ involvement in their childrens’ lives.