André Bamberski is the raddest father ever.

First, the sad part. André’s daughter, Kalinka Bamberski, was raped and killed in 1982. André, as well as French authorities, believe the perpetrator to be Dr. Dieter Krombach – a German doctor that split André from his wife, then married her. Kalinka was found dead at Krombach’s house, in her bed. The NYT article’s got more details on Kalinka’s death. French investigators asked Krombach to come in for questioning but Krombach denied the request. Germany refused to extradite Krombach for a lack of evidence. Eventually, the charges were forgotten.

That, of course, isn’t the end of the story.

Sometime after Kalinka’s death – Krombach was found to be a sexual predator that had drugged and raped a 16 year old female patient. And though he was convicted, Germany was unwilling to extradite Krombach to France to be tried in Kalinka Bamberski’s death. Since then, other women have stepped forward to accuse Krombach of similar rape allegations across the 1980s and 90s.

Bamberski’s (and now Krombach’s) ex-wife, Danièle Gonnin, was shocked to hear that Krombach had also drugged her in order to bring a local teenage girl to their house for sex. So yeah, this guy’s a total dirtbag.

This is where André Bamberski became super dad. Bamberski traveled regularly to Germany to keep tabs on Krombach – and even confronted him a couple of times to remind him that he’d be caught eventually. And in October of 2009, French police found a man, tied-up and beaten and left near a local courthouse. That man was 74 year old Dr. Krombach.

That same morning, André Bamberski had received a call from some businessmen that informed him of Krombach’s recent return to France. Bamberski got his money together to pay the gentlemen that helped him bring his daughter’s killer to justice. Bamberski will be tried for masterminding the kidnapping. But in the meantime, Krombach is on trial for the murder of Kalinka Bamberski.

The trial, if I’m not mistaken, is going on right now.