This week’s Podcast Question of the Week has to do with kids and cell phones:

Do you let your kids play with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other smartphone or tablet?

Recently, we talked to Ken Denmead, who you might know better as Geek Dad. He suggested that letting your kids play with (specifically) iOS devices is a fun way to get some learning in. With all of the educational apps out there and final-answer-refutation of cellphone radiation, we’re kind of stoked to see if our kids can beat that level of “Angry Birds” that seems im-poss-i-bal.

Do you let your kids play with your iPhone or iPad? How about an iPod Touch? Kindle? Nook? Tablet? Smartphone? Whatcha got and what do they play?

We want to know! Leave your answer in the comments here and we’ll read some of your answers on our podcast, this Sunday, 10/30.