Fox News covered a new survey by Boston College’s Center for Work and Family, who questioned 1,000 white-collar dads about their work and parenting. What they basically found was that these men are taking big strides in fatherhood. And though the fathers didn’t seem to be putting as much time in at home with the kids – their definitions of fatherhood are changing and that being present in the home is a larger part of life now than ever.

Some surprising facts – a 2/3rds majority of the men in the survey did not define themselves by their job. In the past, a man was what he did, so to speak. Now, most fathers are rejecting the idea of their job defining them as a person, and are happily putting family (and non-traditional gender roles) ahead of their career. And many men in the survey said they had no problem switching roles and staying home with their kids if their wife were to be the primary breadwinner. This is interesting considering the recent stay-at-home-dad study in the UK which found the dads saying they’d trade-up in a heartbeat and go back to work.

But, the study also found that the same fathers are afraid to take time off work, and often find secretive ways to take off work in order to be with family.

Also, what we should make clear is that Boston’s survey was for white-collar dads in “large corporations” – so your results may vary.

Want to know more? Check the sauce. If you want to read about the study yourself, check it out here.