Panama Jackson, who I’m going to pretend is my BFF just so I can say “yeah man, my friend Panama Jackson,” is one of the co-founders of And my heart aches that the site is down right now. I really want to be part of this dude’s life.

Anywhoo, my BFF Panama Jackson dropped a little knowledge on HuffPo recently about why being a dad rocks. Hey man, we know – you’re preaching to the choir!

Jackson then hits us off with some specifics: he’s taught his daughter how to give daps and is teaching her how to do the Kid-N-Play – which is harder than you’d think when your partner is in the “5-and-under” demographic.

And I’m pretty sure he made a Trick Daddy reference when he said “Panama loves the kids.” At least I hope he was. Because that’d seal the deal on us being BFFs.

But seriously, it’s great to hear a father that’s so in-love with having fun with his kids.

Jackson says he wonders if white fathers get the same kind of attention in public with their daughters that he does. I can’t speak for the father of a daughter – but when I’m out with my son and we’re having fun or laughing in a grocery store, the eyes are on us. It’s because kids make fathers better – and as Jackson says, “there’s just something about hugging your kid that makes the world a better place.”

Too true, youngblood, too true.

Check out the rest of my BFF Panama Jackson’s post on HuffPo, sauced below.