THIS… is an awesome article. I’d like to first thank Mr. Nathan Hegedus for bringing this issue up and popularizing the very issue 8BitDad has been strong on for 1 year and counting: Dad blogging.

In this article on the HuffPo, Nathan is contrasting dad bloggers to the minority uprising (a la ‘new age’ feminists) to their gender counter-part, mom bloggers. And before I cut into the meat of the article, which 8BitDad Zach carved earlier today with a *cough* burning perspective, I just want to point out some comments left behind for this article after the spacejump.

There are a few hilarious comments to start off the ‘response’ portion of the article.

leftcoastindy says:

“Men cant do what women do with lthe little ones, or at least I couldn’t. Seems like women can easily focus on what is important for the child, and prioritize everything­, without forgeting or neglecting anything. Teenagers, on the other hand, doesn’t matter what gender you are, they are tough.”

Fair enough on the teenage front. I was a teenager once, so I get it. What is diabolical is the first sentence, which I’m glad this dude put a personal spin on – otherwise it would be up there in the top 10 ignorant comments of 2011. Bro, every situation is different. You may not be able to “do what women do with the little ones”, which I’m still very confused as to what that means exactly, but you can f*cking try. Anyways, it’s all relative based on your time spent caring for a baby.

Let’s move onto the woman, violettefemme, agreeing with the dude above:

“That is a very powerful, and thoughtful­, statement. That statement alone could carry the day. I now have a new perspectiv­e, as well as viewpoint. Thank you.”

Well I hope you’re more enlightened as to why men suck based on ONE F*CKING COMMENT IN AN ARTICLE THAT SHOULD’VE TAKEN YOUR TIME TO ACTUALLY GIVE A F*CK. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. However, I really don’t care. This person has seemed to have just given up on men altogether. Therefore, I can give up on her.

So what exactly is this article made of?

It’s made of awareness. It’s filled with admiration for the new movement of dad bloggers. It’s facilitating the notion that father’s are important too in a child’s life. It’s explaining that dad’s have a voice online too. And maybe, just MAYBE… we share an equally vital role with mothers after all.

Only time will tell as we evolve with this new movement and stay up after our child has gone to bed to write something that has the potential to start a movement; a movement to love and care for our children like a real father should.

A big hoorah to our fellow dad bloggers. May your fingers never tire, your keyboards never break, and your spirit always be fatherly.