Nathan Hegedus did a great job of putting in print something that we’ve mentioned on almost all of our 8BitDad podcasts so far, and mentioned in posts on this site: Dad bloggers are great feminists.

It’s always been my opinion that there’s no need for mom bloggers and dad bloggers to fight – and though we do a good amount of bashing back and forth for sport, the real sentiment we should be conveying is that we need each other. Ever since the feminist movement, women have been out of the home and in the workforce. This has led to fathers having the opportunity to be home with the kids – so, it’s crucial that as a father-centric website and member of the community, I recognize that without moms, dads are dead in the water.

Hegedus does a great job of arguing that when mom-bloggers take shots at men, they’re marginalizing their biggest proponent. Are we always going to agree with mom-bloggers? Nah. But we don’t need to. The best part about mother-and-father relationships is that both genders and roles create unique parenthoods, and effect their children in different ways. And if both genders are able to blog about it and share their perspective, then it helps everyone, man, woman and child.

Do yourself a favor and check out Hegedus’ article. Do you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?