Have you already voted for 8BitDad.com on Babble.com’s contest for most popular dad blog? If you haven’t, please do so, and then go back tomorrow and do it again. It turns out the contest is a little bit broken, as it let me vote both today and yesterday. #winning.

But while I was discovering that the contest was a little bit broken, I also noticed Babble.com has already set 8Bitdad.com up for success by including an “alphabetical” tab for browsing the dad blogs that have already been nominated.

That being said…using this view from now on should keep 8BD in the #1 spot for quite some time! That is, until some other muggle comes up with a dad blog called 7BitDad.com or something, which – let’s face it – is just unrealistic.

But hey, don’t let this stop you from voting! We’re all about meaningless online popularity contests here at 8BD. Trust me, I checked with “legal” on this one. Click the sauce below, or the rad little widget we’ve got on the right sidebar!