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Deadbeat Congressman Awarded 100% “Family Values” Rating, This 8-Bit Dad Balks!
9 years ago

Deadbeat Congressman Awarded 100% “Family Values” Rating, This 8-Bit Dad Balks!

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We don’t always award the prestigious “Scumbag-Father-O-The-Week Award” to back-to-back elected officials…but when we do it’s because they’ve either whipped the ever-loving piss out of their disabled daughters, or they’ve recently been recognized for their “commitment to uphold the institutions of marriage and family” while, at the same time, being a vindictive divorcé as well as a deadbeat dad.

Illinois Representative Joe Walsh (R-8th congressional district) is this week’s honoree, after being awarded a 100% rating for “True Blue Members” by the Family Research Council (FRC). The FRC is a “social conservative advocacy non-profit” that equivocates “faith and freedom” issues, such as anti-abortion support and repeal of Health Care Reform, with so-called “pro-family values.” We’ve all probably got different definitions for what “pro-family values” are, but I think of one possible “family values” issue is spending time together. I’m inclined to believe that Rep. Walsh is not an advocate of paid paternity leave. He would probably consider it socialism, and that would probably drop his 100% FRC rating to a 0.04% rating. And Walsh is no socialist. He’s 100% “True Blue,” basically doing whatever it is the FRC tells him to do.

But his politics isn’t really why I’m calling shenanigans about this award (and even more importantly, calling Rep. Walsh a bastard). Check out this scumbag’s full rap sheet after the jump, and you tell me if this guy is a “True Blue” family man.

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