As a relatively new father and long-time gamer, I can’t say I wasn’t curious about attending a midnight launch. Sh*t, I even pinged Zach. I can see now that my competetive advantage in console gaming is forever vanquished. But my spirit lives on… in my 13.5 month old daughter.

I will train her. I will make her aware of the challenges she will face in time. I will scout her enemies in advance as she pulls the trigger. This is war, and I will have my revenge.

Okay, not really.

I was curious, though. I will say that I’ve only been in line for one other product in my life, which was the Wii. Even then I waited months after the initial release to even attempt the ‘Wii line’. I was considering MW3 simply because of the pure awesomeness of experience that is Black Ops and the increasing quality of gameplay, storyline, and popularity that is the Call of Duty franchise.

On my way home from work, I decided to do a drive-by near the GameStop that’s pretty close to my house. I got off work early enough to spend a little time with my daughter, and I thought “What the hell, I’ll see if there’s anyone lined up yet and maybe head over there after she’s asleep.”

I am now qualified to officially say this: kids put your life in check. They really do.

Years ago, in my 20’s, yah, I’d probably be out there – in the now unbearable 50 degree weather that is Southern California – with a couple of friends, talking sh*t about hilarious Black Ops multiplayer kills, comparing prestige levels, etc.

It’s amazing how your life changes as a parent. It’s like you blow into the NES cartridge and hit the reset button on life a few times until you evolve into a more mature person with things to do and people to take care of.

I’m now fully content on waiting on a release after seeing this line – okay, maybe continue to order sh*t online – but still. The need to have a game like this just isn’t there anymore. I can’t help but compare it to a drug phase. You just “grow up” after a while. It doesn’t mean that you can’t spend the time to torment some 12-year old online, just don’t find out where the kid lives and kick his ass. That’s like real-life camping and totally not cool. Kinda funny, but totally NOT cool.