A quick Veterans Day post to deliver our props to America’s military fathers, who can be away from their families for more than a year at a time while deployed overseas. I thought I’d put some videos together from around the net, but mostly from a special blog called Welcome Home Blog, where they aggregate videos of military homecomings and surprise visits.

I think it’s easy to be grateful to the troops, who sometimes have to put in on the line while defending American interests, but I think some special recognition needs to be given to the children and families of these veterans. You see, while a soldier takes an oath and willingly goes into harm’s way, their families (spouses, children, parents) don’t take any oath, and they must make sacrifices too.

So let’s celebrate the military family today, at the same time as we celebrate the military family men. Roll the clips!

Here’s one from Welcome Home Blog of a dad surprising his daughter at school after coming home early for mid-tour leave (Full story at WHB).

This one is from WHB on YouTube of a dad who surprises his daughter in the middle of ruse spelling bee.

I thought this one was neat because it’s a video about a Marine surprising his own dad, and not his kids (Full story at WHB).

Then of course, there’s my favorite one, of an Air Force dad coming home in a gift-wrapped box (Also from WHB, but posted before here at 8BD).


And of course, you can check more videos like these out at the Welcome Home Blog. Happy Veterans Day, all.