For adults, it’s no secret where babies come from. The creation of life remains to be the single greatest and most complicated engineering process in the history of mankind. As humans, we continue our desire to understand and further visualize what we cannot see with our own eyes. Some rely on faith or religion while others demand science.

You may have had the process of life explained to you in high school, taught by text books, or even shown in documentaries on the Discovery Channel for example. As technology continues to develop, seemingly catching up to incomprehensible theories, drawings and 3D rendering take us closer towards the science of it all. It may not be glamourous or cute but it’s damn fascinating.

As a father, I really wanted to understand what my wife was going through during her pregnancy. With prenatal care, you read about anything and everything to expect when you’re expecting – all the changes the baby is going through, how the mother will be responding to these changes, etc. As a dude, it was difficult to sympathize – and I really wanted to because my DNA was a part of this new life being generated. I began to develop feelings I had never felt before. I had a strange attachment to a group of cells I couldn’t see. With each doctor visit and ultrasound we had I developed a fascination for life in general. I loved going to each doctor visit and getting an update for the progress of our child.

That ultrasound monitor was my little window to my daughter.

I’ll never forget seeing her heartbeat for the first time. She was just a spec on a monitor with a little flicker. That was life for her then. Now she’s almost 14 months old and running all over our house. It’s difficult to remain in that constant realm of fascination as a future-father during pregnancy because all your attention goes to the mother – which it should – I mean, you’re taking care of two people essentially in the form of one (if you find out you don’t have multiples).

In the end, it doesn’t take a personal experience to become fascinated with the creation of life. Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization in the video below. It shows scientific data rendering things that have never been seen before.