In a move created solely to make 8BitDad look and feel stupid*, newly-Disneyfied Babble – just yesterday – launched a section for fathers called “Dadding.” You know it’s for fathers because there’s a tie in the logo.

The writers so far, are:

Thank you to Babble for making fatherhood a focus, and we hope that you find a way to appropriately and prominently feature this new section on your site. The only thing worse than featuring a fatherhood section is to let it die in a corner, hidden from plain view. And in all honesty, we hope Dadding makes the main page and stays there as a permanent link.

Congrats to the new team of Dadding fathers, and good luck! Fatherhood, as these guys know, is important – so we hope Babble’s commitment to them is as strong as it’s been to mothers.


* jk, obvi they didn’t do it with us in mind.