In case you had a good Friday buzz going, let’s hit you with a crazy fatherhood story out of Canada.

A peach of a 30 year old gal by the name of Meredith Katharine Borowiec was charged this week with a host of charges, including attempted murder, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, child abandonment, and failure to provide the necessities of life for a child under 16.

Borowiec got the book thrown at her for an unfunny incident from October, 2010: she gave birth to a baby in her Calgary apartment, unbeknown to everyone – even the baby’s father. Borowiec decided she didn’t want the baby, so she put him in a bag and threw him out with the garbage.

The baby survived. A man walking by the dumpster outside heard the baby’s cries and came to his aid. Now, here’s where things go from unfunny to odd. Another passerby came to the man’s aid, reaching into the dumpster and grabbing the bag containing the newborn. That second passerby was – get this – the baby’s father.

The father never knew Borowiec was pregnant. The unnamed father didn’t have much to say, except “I know I had no part in what happened, I’ve done nothing wrong.”

After 20 police interviews, people who knew Borowiec said that this may not be the first time she’s done such a thing. Police are continuing their investigation. Borowiec is back in court next Tuesday.

The baby’s being taken care of right now – no word of who he’s with.