Who’da ever thunk that we’d talk so nicely about Lady Gaga? The pop star, who’s made a career off of scaring parents into shielding their childrens’ eyes, has an awfully human side that folks only see off-stage.

Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, gives half of her earnings to her dear ol’ dad, Joe. The Daily Mail points out that it’s so rare for a pop star to go halfsies with their dad that the last time it happened was with Elvis.

Gaga also bought a restaurant for her father, naming it after her late sister Joanne. It’s great to see a pop star that has a good relationship with their family. There are so many family-manager-money situations that go bad (I’m not even going to name them) that it’s nice to see one that’s going so right.

You can read more about Stefani Germanotta and her dad at the Daily Mail (sauced below). Also, if Gaga would ever like to join 8BitDad for our podcast, we’ll keep a seat open for her. Just sayin’.