Kelly West, Managing Editor of Cinema Blend, wants to know if television has over-done the “who’s the father” plot lines. West is watching two current series on television with daddy mysteries – How I Met Your Mother and The Walking Dead – as well as catching up on some oldies with similar themes.

Does stringing an audience along with the mystery of who fathered a child satisfy a particular curiosity? Does it make a “good” mystery? Is it a common thing? Do we like seeing potential fathers squirm? Do we like to look at women as so sexually promiscuous that they just couldn’t know whose kid’s inside of them? Is it just cliche now? I’m not sure that West answers any of these questions – and I’m not sure I’m qualified to do so either.

If you’re an avid television viewer, check out West’s jaunt through the “who’s the daddy” theme. And let us know in the comments if you remember any other shows or movies that used paternal mystery as a plot line, because we’re drawing a blank. I mean, besides Star Wars, because yeah, we’re on top of that one, obviously.