Not a huge story, but just yesterday, some 13 year old girl in New Zealand’s Fairfield College brought her dad’s ecstasy to school, gave it to her classmates during their lunch hour, and, I’m assuming, rolled hard.

The girls said, according to TVNZ, that they thought the pills were “sweets.” The dad whose stash got raided wasn’t available for comment. But wherever he is, he’s not enjoying his club music half as much as he could be.

It wasn’t so sweet that some of the girls, aged 13 to 15, were taken to the hospital. The hospital had a pretty rotten attitude about the girls – Waikato Hospital’s Emergency Dept. Clinical Director, Dr. John Bonning, was quoted as saying “We really didn’t need to have these people coming in following some reckless behaviour and causing quite significant upset in the department,” and had two security guards isolating the high-as-a-kite teen girls into one section of the department. Waikato District Health Board’s Mary-Anne Gill added: “It’s fair to say they were exuberant, noisy and at times quite aggressive as well.”

By far, the best part of the story is how Fairfield College took the incident in stride. In a statement on their website, the Senior Leadership Team began the serious task of explaining everything by saying “Unfortunately the school has been in the media spotlight again and we expect continued interest over the next few days.”


I don’t keep up on New Zealand school news, but if you’ve got to kick your statement off with an “again”, then chances are, it’s time for a couple of admin changes.

Also, does anyone buy that these girls thought the pills were candy? Yeah, didn’t think so.