I wanted to wait for the aftermath that is Black Friday to post this article…

It seems that Walmart continues to remain the reigning champion of biggest Black Friday Schmucks For Crowd Control and Organizationone location with a huge problem this year was right in our back yard of Porter Ranch, CA. See the video below/after the jump.

Last year, Allrecipes.com member, blogger, and New Jersey native Doug Matthews wrote a great article titled “Respect the Bird” which expresses concern of the heavy focus on Christmas sales during Thanksgiving, taking away from American families’ ability to fully savor and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Allrecipes.com has followed up Doug’s article this year with an email to all of its members with a gentle reminder – even so far as asking people to take a pledge to Respect the Bird.


We covered Allrecipes.com a while back, actually exactly one year ago, advertising their Dinner Spinner App for the iPhone – which has been enhanced and is still quite useful, I must say.

I received the email blast from an Ivory Harvey, inviting me to support this worthy cause based on an article. As a father, who not only cares for a small human but also for the comfort and safety of his family, I can safely say that giving a sh*t about this cause was simply a no-brainer.

The original article that Doug wrote starts out like this: “Maybe it’s because I am getting older. Maybe it’s because the world seems to be spinning faster. Maybe it’s because the ad executives on Madison Avenue need to get a jump on one another.”

Right on, dude. I’m only 31 and I share the same exact sentiments. With all the Pre-Black Friday deals this year and the other Pre-Pre-Black Friday emails I’ve been getting from Toys-R-Us, Target, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and everyone else I clicked ‘Junk’ on, I’m pretty sick and tired of being used by corporations for this one-time-only sale – and it just keeps getting fueled by consumers and flamed by overpaid corporate marketing directors.

People have been seriously injured on Black Friday. People have died on Black Friday. You don’t need that Xbox game that bad, brah. It’s time to take a stand and value what’s most important in life: family.


Cyber Monday is a lot safer. You can do everything from the comfort of your computer at work – plus you don’t even have to pick up lube on your way to the Black Friday midnight sale at Walmart just in case you get f*cked by some dude being crushed on top of you because of the stampede of psychotic consumers looking to save $10. The worst part is you don’t even get to be wined and dined first. Try explaining that to your wife.