It’s almost time for the 2nd Annual Power of Dad “Fatherhood Recognition Awards,” which honors 7 fathers from the Great Lakes Bay Region. The event is set for Friday, February 24th.

They’re currently taking nominees for fathers, uncles, brothers, co-workers and mentors for these awards, and if you’re in the area, you can download a form and nominate someone.

Here’s the criteria, as outlined on their nomination form:

  • Must be present and active in his child/children’s life as well as others
  • Serves as an effective provider and protector to his family/children
  • Demonstrates the ability to motivate or influence child/children’s life as well as others
  • Demonstrate a high level of moral and ethical character
  • Must be a positive role model, both in the home and the community, through active engagement in community programs/activities that serve or support youth
  • Testimonial confirmation from a minimum of two sources supporting the eligibility of the nominee to be considered for this award

And (this isn’t on the form but is a requirement), you’ve got to be in the Great Lakes Bay Region. I mean, they might accept out-of-towners, but it sounds like they want this to be a local thing. Also, to a Californian dude like me, I don’t know the difference between the Great Lakes Bay Region and the Great Lakes Region, so if I don’t know what I’m talking about, let me know, Michganders…or Michganeers…or Michiganese or whatever you are.

All applications have to be submitted by Friday, December 9th, so if you know a rad dad that’s in the Great Lakes Bay Region, shake a tail-feather and get the application filled-out and submitted by then.