8BitDad has been a really great source for your day-to-day fatherhood news since late 2010. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we were left off of another “Top” list of fatherhood sites. This time, it’s Babble‘s “Top 10 Group Dad Blogs.”

Why are we proud? Well, you see, because we enjoy all of the other fatherhood sites and writers so much that we’d just feel like we’d be wasting a spot if we took it for ourselves. It’s better this way. No, no…it really is. We insist.

So congrats to sites like DadCentric, Man of the House and Dad Labs, who along with seven other rad sites, made the list.

As always, we’re proud of our other-fatherhood-site colleagues and happy that there’s dads out there making content that someone wants to acknowledge and rate. We’re not bitter about this; we’re semi-sweet.

Now, everyone bugger-off and leave us to our families and Star Wars Blu-rays.