In the last couple of days, Consumer Reports came out with a study where they tested juices and found unsafe levels of arsenic and lead. Yikes. Everyone’s been in on similar studies for the last couple months, including the FDA, who pushed back and saying that juice is safe. Consumer Reports then fired back and said that the FDA doesn’t test as much as they should.

The big stink: Consumer Reports tested 88 samples of apple and grape juice found in local grocery stores and found that 10% had arsenic levels that were higher than the US federal drinking-water standards! In addition, 25% of them also had levels of lead rating higher than the FDA’s own bottled-water limit. Burn.

So basically, it seems that juice right now is in the “iffy” category.

For the record, green parenting site Inhabitots has been keeping me up to speed on this – you should check them out if you’re interested in reducing your footprint on Earth. Or if you’re a filthy hippie, that too. Anyway, they’ve got the hookup on some of the stats and numbers for this piece.

Anywhoo – in a humorous (hopefully) piece from November 2010, we declared that one of the ways you “ruined” your kid was to give him juice. Well, all this recent press makes us looks not-so-stupid, which we appreciate.

It’s also probably a great time to share an infographic with you that we originally saw on Natural Papa, all about juice and fruit drinks. We’re not going to post the whole graphic because it’s super-long and we pay for this site by-the-foot. But here’s a good section:

Be sure to check out the whole graphic, either on Natural Papa, linked above (the graphic’s origin site,, had us remove our link to them).

So, what can you do to make sure your kid isn’t poisoned? This 8Bitr’s suggestion is to not give your kid juice until he or she’s absolutely can’t live without it – so, roughly their tween years when they see everyone else with it in their lunches. But, since you’re hell-bent on giving it to your kids early, make sure to go low and slow with it. If you’ve got a baby coming off the formula age, stick to water. Give your kid the vitamins they need (that juice claims to have) in normal, everyday foods.

Also, feel free to light us up in the comments and tell us we’re demons.