You may have seen this video making the rounds on game and geek sites – we saw it too! But all references to the video-makers were vague – and no one, it appeared, tried to get a hold of the creators. We did – and were pleased to find that it was made, for the most part, by two fathers (and cousins!) – Michael Consolmagno and David Larangeira. These two dudes are in their 30’s, so the love the Legend of Zelda franchise. I mean, who doesn’t, right? But while you and I just bought snarky t-shirts emblazoned with some video game-sex doublespeak, Consolmagno and Lanageira literally went back to the drawing board.

Larangeira, a New York City firefighter by day, initially had the idea to feature his son dressed at Link and shoot a short Legend of Zelda-themed movie. He talked to Consolmangno, a work-at-home-dad that does video editing, and storyboards were drawn-up. The two decided to go into production right after Halloween, when the kids (and onlookers) would be accustomed to seeing ankle-biters running around in costume. One of the dads’ friends (and the mother of the kids who played Gannon and Zelda), Yenory Pitanza, made the costumes.

But every story that includes Link is fated for a snag in the green-clad hero’s quest. This time around, it was Larangeira’s son – he no longer wanted to play the role of Link. So, the dads recruited the son’s school friend, Liam. All was well once again in Hyrule New York. The video took about three hours to shoot in a Staten Island park. Consolmagno also included his own daughter as a fairy. She “had been Tinkerbell for Halloween so I put her in that costume…and included her in the final edit,” said Consolmagno.

“The kids had a great time,” Consolmagno continued. “To them it was a fun play date where they got to wear cool costumes and run around.”

When asked if the dads planned on making more video game-related videos, Consolmagno said that they don’t have any immediate or specific plans for one, but that you never know. “We make the stories we are passionate about,” he said, “but you never know when inspiration will strike and I could see doing something like this again.”

Check out the video, linked in the sauce. Music is by Joe Pleiman (scroll all the way down), which had been incorrectly tagged for years as a System of a Down song – big ups to Napster for that.

And a big thank you to Michael Consolmagno and David Larangeira for being rad retro dads!