In its annual sweep of the easy-pickins list, the Hudson County Sheriff nabbed 59 deadbeat dads and one deadbeat mom, who represented $879,461 in unpaid child support. This all happened December 6-10. Cops were home in time for Saturday night Yahtzee with their own families.

And because we can never get away from talking about Fathers & Families, the article also mentions their Executive Director, Glenn Sacks. Sacks holds that fathers are treated unfairly in family courts and often have no means to pay the assigned child support debt.

True enough, and one wonders how in 60 arrests, only one mother was sought out and found. Are the family courts biased? Are fathers the only ones to walk out on their children’s lives? My guess is that there are deadbeat mothers out there – but we’re just not in the business of believing it.

Cheers, until next year, New Jersey.