Kind of a late report on this news item, so let’s just call it one of those “in case you missed it” stories. I found this at, which you should totally check out, especially if you’re into effed up stories like “Murdered Woman Hidden Under Pile of Christmas Presents” and “Woman Caught Making Meth At Walmart.” Seriously, what’s the deal with Californians?

Anyway, this story takes place in sunny, breezy Monterey, CA, where a disgruntled football dad is alleged to have begun verbally harassing his son’s football coach on the practice field. This isn’t actually extraordinary news in today’s modern American culture of “hyper-parenting,” and everyone has probably seen a parent going berserk and shouting at a referee or coach on the sports field.

What does make this an extraordinary event is how football dad Raynald Adams escalated this confrontation to “S#1T-got-real” levels of insanity by brandishing a taped-up ax handle and going to town on the junior varsity coaches ribs. He continued until school employees were able to physically remove him from his swinging.

The article says that Adams was arrested on “suspicion” of assault with a deadly weapon (of course), battery on a school official (definitely), possession of a dangerous weapon (yep), possession a weapon on school grounds (right), and being on school grounds without registering (hold on, WTF? Are you allowed to bring so-called “registered” weapons onto campus??).

You can check out the sauce for more details (of which there are scarce few), or feel free to click onto the next thing you were doing – as soon as you get done facepalming over this football dad.