Right now, I mean RIGHT NOW, I’m giving parents everywhere yuletide leverage over their naughty kids! Well, I’m not giving it to you, but I am going to clue you in to an awesome site that will let you create a personalized video message from Santa Clause for your kids. For 2011, Portable North Pole will let you create a message for free-ninety-free (and that’s pretty cheap!).

Here’s the really fun part. In the skit, Santa Clause greets your child in his warm jolly way, and offers to check with his special machine that helps him keep track which children have been nice, and which have been naughty. When you customize your message, you get to choose whether to put your kiddo on the nice list or the naughty list.

Now if this alone were the only feature, it would be a cool video, but there are a lot of other options that Portable North Pole offers to parents so they can have a really neat opportunity to send their kids a special message.

First of all, Santa will address your children by name, He will then check out his file and refresh his memory on your child’s age, a special job that they’ve been asked to do (such as listen to daddy, or clean up), and maybe a special toy that your child has already requested as a Christmas gift. He will then turn to his elves to run the file through his special machine.

After some whirring and dinging from the machine, it will produce the results and Santa will tell your child that they’ve either been good, or that they’ll be placed on “naughty watch.” Either way, it’s just exciting to watch a child’s anticipation as she or he awaits the judgement of the machine, good or bad – although you can probably expect some wild reactions if they come up on “naughty watch,” similar to when these kids heard bad news about their Halloween candy.

A quick caveat about adding your child’s information to the world-wide privacy destroyer called “the internet.” At a minimum, you’re going to have to give the website your email address (so they can send you the video), and your child’s name (so that the “personalized” video message makes sense). There are a lot of other tidbits of info that you can add such as your child’s age, a photo (and even photos of special events throughout the year that Santa can review before turning to the machine), which state your child lives on, etc.

When you put this info out to the web, remember that it goes out there forever. The Portable North Pole Terms of Use state that they will remove messages and data that they believe will be harmful to a child, such as vulgarity and racist language. They also promise that they will only release the information in the case of a lawful investigation or subpoena, but they warn that no information put on the internet is 100% invulnerable to theft and exploitation (which is true). I want to remind parents to use their judgement and act accordingly if they use this site.

One last neat trick! You can also create messages for grown-ups who have either been naughty or nice, if you wanna go ahead and send messages to your spouse or family or friends. This is a neat site, with a high-quality product that is free to use, but you can also buy the video if you want to keep it forever and ever and ever. I can’t wait to see my kids when I send them theirs!