If you’re hugging your kids tight tonight, reading them stories about Santa and Christmas (or Hanukkah), remember that there are families out there that aren’t spending the night in each others’ warmth. There are fathers not able to see their kids – and the kids are sometimes hurting as much as the fathers.

Fathers & Families had this letter to Santa posted on their site – from a seven year old girl named Elena. Of course, like any little girl, she wants puppies, an iPhone, money – but her #1 request was “custady pappers that says I can see my dad more oftan.” Yikes. Sadly, she’s more likely to get the puppies and iPhone than time with her father.

You can see the rest of the letter (which looks like one of those school letters) on F&F, who are coincidentally also campaigning for donations. They champion for fathers in need and help with particularly nasty legal battles. If you’ve got a spare buck on you, F&F‘s a good place to donate it.

Click the image above or the sauce below to see the whole letter.