C’babi Bayoc’s father died when he was 11, and the St. Louis-area artist has featured fathers in his paintings ever since. Bayoc’s latest tribute – a whole calendar year of dad paintings.

The project, titled “365 Days With Dad,” will show African American fathers spending time with their families. Bayoc, who hadn’t had a normal job since he left college, knew he had to take care of his own family. So, the idea came up to paint more often and sell them for the amount of money he needed to make per day to support his family. That number – $200 – is lower than his average painting price of $1,400. He’ll also sell smaller limited edition prints for $50.

Paintings will be posted on his Facebook page every day at 7pm starting January 1, and the first buyer to e-mail Bayoc that day gets it.

“I thought, ‘If I’m willing to give eight to nine hours a day to a job, I can give eight to nine hours to an image that will do a lot more good than clocking in and out on a time clock will’,” Bayoc told the St. Louis Beacon.

You can follow along with C’Babi Bayoc on Twitter: @cbabibayoc or his website – and check the sauce for the original article. And for you hip hop fans out there, C’Babi Bayoc was the artist that did the covers of the “Violator” albums.