The inner-workings of father/stepfather politics after divorce can be delicate to say the least. Ron Mattocks, a Dadding blogger, is a stepfather, and he came up with a great metaphor for how dads and stepdads relate: like the old rivalry of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

Mattocks, a father to three sons and stepfather to two stepdaughters, explains his metaphor through some good examples – but says it best when he declares that being a father or stepfather isn’t a competition to be the “better” of the two. Both parents have, no doubt, different styles and methods. There’s no need to figure out who’s better. “That’s as pointless,” says Mattocks, “as trying to determine with definitive certainty, who’s the best NBA player of all time.”

Great post on Dadding and by Mattocks.

[Insert obvious joke about Jordan being better]