As we tie off 2011 and prepare to sling it into the garbage, the “best of” lists are rolling in. BabyCenter blogger Sara McGinnis pulled together her list of the “best celebrity dad quotes of 2011.”

The most satisfying one for us was from Sir Doogie, Neil Patrick Harris, who said “This is a sore subject, because we are two gentleman with children, and so we didn’t know what to call ourselves. Daddy One and Daddy Two sound kind of strange…So David’s daddy and I’m poppa, just to differentiate.”

That quote makes us willing to forget Harris was in a Smurfs movie this year.

Most douchey quote IMHO goes to Marc Anthony, who said “[Max] had an accident in the pool and it got into the filter system and they charged us to clean it. That was expensive. He took a $6,000 dump in the pool.” Hey bro, we’re sorry your pool’s expensive and your pool guys rip you off. Better luck next marriage?