Photographer Kristina Alexanderson has made probably one of the coolest sets of photos ever. Called the “CClones 365-2011 Project,” it depicts Star Wars Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers as parents.

The Flickr set shows the Storm Troopers doing normal day-to-day activities with their kids. The first Storm Trooper toy Alexanderson used was her son’s action figure. After that, she bought others, as well as LEGO minifigs to use as children.

You can see some of Alexanderson’s pics that we like and a short Q&A with her after the break.

Alexanderson was nice enough to answer a couple questions – she’s Swedish, so language was a minor barrier, but not enough to scare us off! Minor typos have been corrected, just ’cause.

8BD: What gave you the idea to depict the Stormtrooper as a father?

KA: I’m interested in relations. The troopers have many attribute that make me want to work with them. They are male, and I like the thought of trying to give them feelings, relation, they are human, not machines.

8BD: How do you come up with ideas for what scenes to shoot? Do you have them planned out ahead of time or do you come up with them right before shooting?

KA: No I don’t plan them in advance, I get inspired from what I see, other pics, body language etc.

8BD: Tell me about your family – I saw in a Daily Mail article that you’ve got kids (and stole their action figure!)

KA: I’m mother of three boys, and yes the troopers are my middle son. The like the clone wars, and the project started with me working with clones

8BD: Are you continuing this series or do you have another project in mind?

KA: I have a lot of pic that I haven’t published, so I’ll publish those. And then I’ll see. But troopers will show up.

8BD: Finally, most important – which of the Star Wars movies is your favorite? Do you have a favorite character?

KA: The first movie (in the original trilogy) from 1977 in my favorite, the one with Luke, Obi One and the droids. Favorite character C3PO.


Thanks to Kristina Alexanderson for taking time to answer a couple softball questions so close to Christmas and the New Year!

You can check out the whole set on Flickr or follow Kristina on Facebook. Here’s a couple of our favorites though:

(it has been zero days since our last Star Wars reference.)