This is a cool little task to perform with your kids – hell, even if you don’t have kids this is cool. Not only does this involve Star Wars, but it’s a seasonal craft (kind of) and slightly challenging! Plus you have some pretty badass snowflakes to display around your home or office to make your other friends/coworkers jealous that you just did something pretty epic.

This idea originally spawned from a husband and wife venture, who we sadly know nothing about. However, we do know that this idea came about in 2010 and was rehashed and refined with more detailed minds, thanks to Matters of Grey and Anthony Herrera Designs for contributing to this starter set.


  1. Click Diagram link to download the PDF
  2. Print the PDF
  3. Cut the circle out
  4. Fold the diagram. You can use the couple’s directions if you want. (An accordion fold worked better)
  5. Cut the grey area out (you may need an Exacto knife for some of the designs)
  6. Unfold and hang!

And if you’re wondering what side I’m aligned with, that’s my ride.