If you were a fan of HBO’s “The Wire,” then you remember Tray Chaney, who played Poot Carr. Chaney’s on the screen again but for a better cause – fatherhood.

Lamar Tyler of the Huffington Post did a write-up of Chaney’s video (sauced at the end of this article) – which was appropriate, since Tyler directed it. The video stars Chaney with his own father and son – and has a really positive message about fatherhood in the black community. Chaney’s message: he’d rather die than be an absent father.

Check the video after the hop.

Without further ado, Tray Chaney’s “Fatherhood”:

I hate to make this obvious comparison, but the last positive fatherhood rap I heard was Will Smith’s “Just the Two of Us.”

Best of luck to Chaney and his career – and remember to give him some love on YouTube if you like the song!