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Microsoft Nails “Keep Shopping” Dad Commercial
7 years ago

Microsoft Nails “Keep Shopping” Dad Commercial

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Let me preface this by saying if you’ve seen our video podcast, you know I’m a mac dad (not a “mac daddy”). I’m also about 2.5 months late on this apparently – since my wife and I have the Tivo‘s and hate watching commercials.

The ‘grocery-store-dad’ caught my eye as I was watching the NFL Wild Card Playoffs between the Giants and Falcons on live TV tonight (go Giants! Get Green Bay even though odds are against you!). Naturally, I haven’t seen this 30 second spot by Microsoft until now.

Hot off the heels of our Dadvertising 2011 recap when it comes to commercials, I normally don’t see a lone dude picking out items in a grocery store without looking like a sheltered animal that’s just been released into wild to fend for himself in a blinding array of whip-pans and dizzying camera angles – I don’t know what commercial I’m referencing but I just naturally assume that there’s a commercial out there just like that. It’s the f*cking truth. Needless to say this one defeated all stereotypes despite how accurate and left me giving a mental “standing-o” at the end of the 30 seconds. It gave me hope, here’s why.

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